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Could this be Koh Phangan's Fastest Leg Kick Knockout?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Phet Ek is a much-loved character at Chinnarach Muay Thai. Despite minimal training (as well having the significant disadvantages of not being able to speak or hear) he agreed to take a last-minute fight representing the gym in January 2023. On the night of the fight, Kru Keng saw that Phet Ek was nervous after seeing how much bigger his opponent was. Knowing that it was a five round fight, and he probably did not have the conditioning (through lack of regular training) to go the distance, Keng told Phet Ek that he needed to go HARD right from the start. He definitely listened because he brutally leg kicked his opponent to finish the fight in the first round in under 40 seconds!

Video credit: This Is Muay Thai

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