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About Chinnarach Muay Thai

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Chinnarach Muay Thai is a large, open-air gym with a full-size professional ring, a huge mat-covered training area, a wide variety of kick-bags, two stretching and shadowboxing sections with full length mirrors, and a shop offering high quality Muay Thai equipment and clothing. The entire gym is covered with a high-rise roof specifically designed to capture the cool sea breeze and make your training experience even more pleasurable.

Since opening in 2005 on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, we have trained thousands of students of all levels - from complete beginners to professional fighters. The gym has a warm and friendly atmosphere. Everyone who trains with us always leaves feeling that they are part of the family.

We hold Muay Thai group classes every morning and afternoon for all ages and levels, including complete beginners. You can also book private individual sessions with any of our trainers. For seasoned fighters, we offer advanced training and the opportunity to fight against experienced opponents on a regular basis in stadiums across the island.

Every few weeks, the gym is transformed into a stadium hosting Muay Thai fights featuring fighters from the island and the mainland.

We offer budget accommodation for students looking to stay and train with us. These range from bamboo huts to rooms with aircon. In order to keep prices super low, our accommodation options are as simple and basic as possible. For more information see our Accommodation section.

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